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Wu Ming Foundation

July 16, 2009

Wu Ming Quintet

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Christopher Smart

July 15, 2009

For A is awe, if pronounced full. Stand in awe and sin not.
For B pronounced in the animal is bey importing authority.
For C pronounced hard is ke importing to shut.
For D pronounced full is day.
For E is east particularly when formed little e with his eye.
For F in its secondary meaning is fair.
For G in a secondary sense is good.
For H is heave.
For I is the organ of vision.
For K is keep.
For L is light, and ל is the line of beauty.
For M is meet.
For N is nay.
For O is over.
For P is peace.
For Q is quarter.
For R is rain, or thus reign, or thus rein.
For S is save.
For T is take.
For V is veil.
For W is world.
For X beginneth not, but connects and continues.
For Y is young – the Lord direct me in the better way going on in the Fifth year of my jeopardy June ye 17th N.S. 1760. God be gracious to DR. YOUNG.
For Z is zest. God give us all a relish of our duty.
For Action & Speaking are one according to God and the Ancients.
For the approaches of Death are by illumination.